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Check out your favorite Disney characters like you’ve never seen them before. These will make you want to see a live action version of your favorites!

Check it out: Celebrities As Disney Princesses

Love love love emma watson as the little mermaid

I really never thought about it but Jennifer Hudson would be SO perfect for Tiana!

But Queen Latifah

These are beautiful!

You can’t deny Vanessa Hudgens lookin perfection

i feel so bitter sometimes…

i just wish that i didn’t have to work to survive. it’s really fucking stressful. and i feel like i’m forever broke. my job requires me to do doubles about once a week, i’m in classes (2 for summer) and i’m heading a research project. which, by the way, would be going amazingly if i just did everything myself. however, i have no one helping me because my “partner” is useless. it’s so frustrating. i feel like i’m always a person that goes above and beyond to succeed and do well and i always feel like i’m barely doing anything of worth. i’m also a fundraising chair for my lab and something that i came up with last semester was credited to someone else and i just feel like i do so much work for nothing. i get maybe 7 hours of sleep a “night,” have an ass-backwards schedule, and i feel like i am running on a treadmill or a hamster wheel. trying with all my might but i’m not moving. this is probably all an exaggeration because in the end, hopefully i’ll be able to get into a good grad school. but what does any of this matter if i don’t pass the GRE? i’ve barely had time to study. ugh. i’m just speechless with stress right now ):

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